Easy to access

With e-Dea, you simply need a browser to measure the environmental impact of your product or service.

Easy to use

e-Dea is a Life Cycle Assessment Software for everyone. Its simple and clear interface needs no expertise. Easy to work with, for convenient analysis.

Easy to share

All involved in product design and development can store and share data from any location, worldwide.


Direct feedback

Quickly model and compare alternative designs.

Import function

e-Dea allows you to assess the BOM via the import function – extend your analysis to a large portfolio of products in an instant.


The user interface is designed to meet the needs of designers, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

More information available on our flyer and e-Dea factsheet.


Global overview

A product is defined through different tabs.


Creation of a component using material, process, mass…


Creation of a product using already created components or assemblies.


The whole Bill of Materal can be seen and exported in Excel.


Results are available for each life-cycle steps and for each constituent / sub-element.


Some exemple of e-Dea users and how they use the solution.


e-DEA allows us to integrate more easily and effectively eco-design in R & D, inside the product development process. This is a simple tool, accessible to all.

Frédéric DROIN, VP R&D-Water

ITRON, June 2012

Lafuma Group

With the import function, e-DEA enables us to import directly our Bills of Material from our PLM system (500 to 1 000 BOM per year) to make environmental labeling.

Laurent NOCA, Head of Innovation & Sustainable Development

Lafuma group, March 2013


LCA has become a must tool in many aspects of our business: from product design to sales, e-DEA tool allows us to provide highly reliable information to support packaging choices.

Aude Charbonneaux, Sustainability & Product stewardship manager

Albéa, November 2011


With e-DEA we could measure the environmental performance for more than 80% of our consumer products. We also use the tool to answer the environmental demands from our customers.

Christine Desbois, Sustainable Development Director

BIC Group, November 2011

Ahlstrom Group

We are using e-DEA to support our EcoDesign approach with a simplified LCA evaluation of our new products from the design phase. We like its accessibility and the capability with the in-house version to develop a database specific to our products and processes.

Claire Schmitt, Life Cycle Assessment Specialist Ahlstrom Group Product & Technology Development,

February 2014


JCDecaux has used e-DEA in order to model the nomenclature of a bus shelters: over 650 references on 7 levels of classification.

November 2011

About us

e-Dea is the result of a collaboration between EVEA and GreenDelta.

EVEA is an independent sustainability consulting company based in France. It was founded in 2005 by Jean-Baptiste Puyou. With a staff of more than 25 persons, EVEA is specialised in eco-design strategy, Life Cycle Assessment, customised eco-design software, carbon footprint, environmental communication. They also perform training in these fields. To learn more, please visit the website:

GreenDelta is an independent sustainability consulting and software company located in Berlin, Germany, founded in 2004 as a capital company. GreenDelta provides internationally-leading services that cover all aspects of software and consulting in sustainability: Case studies (LCA and Social LCA, Life Cycle Costing), strategic sustainability consulting, customised software support, software development for sustainability assessment. GreenDelta is the devoloper of the e-Dea software. More information is available on the company website:

Both companies are official resellers of the world’s leading LCA software SimaPro and provide trainings in France and Germany. We would like to thank warmly the design teams of our first clients, BIC and ALBEA. Their support and feedback encouraged us to develop e-Dea to make it the perfect LCA tool for designers.

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